Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Hire a Dubious Landscape Contractor


Most of us may have a time to think about having a landscape project. The thing is we need to make sure the project is on track with the budget and try to stretch it out. Working with a budget can be a challenge when we have a landscaping project, but cutting the budget can have risks. The thing is, it is not good to cut corners when getting landscape contractors as it may carry some risks. These operators may not have the right licenses that will enable them to operate. Of course, they can be cheaper, but the question is if the risk is worth the savings. Let’s take a look at the potential risks you may encounter with unlicensed Boerne landscaper. To be safe, only go with legit Boerne Lawn Care Service providers.

It is possible to harbor a lot of risks when hiring a landscape contractor without license or has a suspended license and you happen to sign a contract with them. Signing with an unlicensed contractor may cause you to waive your rights to claim some damages or in cases you get ripped off. It is possible the agreed work may not be finished and that is going to be at your disadvantage. The chance of filing a complaint against an unlicensed contractor may not be possible especially if you get ripped off. This is a huge burden on your part who already paid a lot for making the garden look better.

More often, contractors who are without any license may not have insurance or workers’ compensation. Without insurance, it may a huge headache when accidents happen as workers do work within your property. Having a team to work in your backyard and an accident happens can be a huge thing and it may cost you a lot. Of course it is cheaper to get an unlicensed contractor but it can be a huge headache.

It is also possible that you may be hiring an illegal or undocumented person and it may be a crime where you are living. Due to the low labor costs, these illegal workers may end up costing you more. Not only the costs will make your head ache, but also the hassle of brushing up with the law.

The thing is we need to make sure we get the right stuff and not flirt with the risks when hiring cheaper contractors. Risks may cause problems ending with more costs. Be smart and hire people that can give you the best service. There is no doubt about it, but a licensed Boerne landscaper can be the best option for your needs.


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